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Got It Covered | Exploring Options For Yearbook Covers

Your yearbook cover needs to “say it all” in one design statement. Your cover should motivate people to WANT to see what’s inside. Whoever said you can’t judge a book by it’s cover, certainly couldn’t have been talking about yearbooks! There are many options available to you when making decisions about yearbook covers. The most […]

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The Yearbook Index Needs Love, Too

Surprisingly, the most frequently read/viewed section of your yearbook is typically the one that gets the least amount of attention from your yearbook staff. Students will flip through a yearbook numerous times, but will study an index to find their own picture, friends’ pictures, and, in the future, to find the answer to important questions […]

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New Season, New Challenges

Winter sports season is upon us, which means most yearbook photographers are finding just how tricky this season can be. Indoor sports photography is, even for professional photographers, a challenge. Gymnasium lighting is almost NEVER ‘good’ lighting for photography, and if you don’t have a high power flash to work with your camera, stop-action shots […]

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