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Idea Garden Blog Has Moved!

Happy 2014! We hope your New Years celebrations were awesome. Ours sure were. Of course we spent them paging through old and new yearbooks and doing trend research for more awesome ideas to share with you. But, we were ALSO busy moving! No doubt, this has been a great home for the past several years, […]

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It’s a Snap! Capture the Perfect Picture With Your Phone.

Smile. Snap. Yuck. Delete. Smile again. Snap. Much better! It’s now that easy. Gone are the days of waiting with anticipation for the development of film to see if someone blinked or your hand wasn’t steady. Whether you grew up using a film camera or you grew up only knowing digital cameras, chances are you are […]

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Snapshots {A New Yearbook Artwork Set!}

Isn’t that exactly what every yearbook should be? A snapshot of your school’s year? How perfect that the ideagarden team has created an artwork set that collaborates with this very idea! Introducing: Snapshots Artwork used: Backgrounds: 8696, 8704 Clipart: 8206 Fonts: genuine and calen Artwork used: Background: 8703 Clipart: 8263, 8261 Fonts: genuine and doorkeeper […]

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