Typography Basics

Good yearbook design goes beyond layouts and images. Good design includes the text (or typography) on a page. With hundreds of fonts to choose from, Pictavo really lets you get creative with your text to take your yearbook pages to a whole new level of cool. Combining fonts together can really make an impact – but depending on HOW you combine them, it can be a good impact…or…a not so pretty one. 

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Organizing Your Yearbook Photos and Files

Organizing files and photos for the yearbook can be daunting. Especially when trying to keep track of modified versions of each file. Who touched it last? Which is the most current? How can I revert back to an older file!? 

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Yearbook Planning Calendar – October Checklist

Here’s your October checklist of items to do for your yearbook to keep you on track this year!

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Yearbook Ads: Determining Ad Sizes

Selling ad space in your yearbook? If you’re not, you may want to consider it! It’s a great way to generate additional revenue to help cover costs and fundraise. Click here to get help determining the sizes for your yearbook ads. 

Fall Pantone Colors for 2014

Check out the 2014 Fall Pantone Colors and matching ones found in the Pictavo color palette!

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