NEW Pictavo Video!

We are excited to show you our fresh new Pictavo yearbook software video! The video showcases the sophisticated yearbook design software, convenience and ease of use while highlighting important features and benefits you’ll love using. It has been updated to reflect the many exciting new additions that have been made recently, including Snippets that will be available in the 2014-15 version of Pictavo starting in August. Be sure to check it out, let us know what you think and share it with your friends!

Happy Irish Day: Green Inspirations

To celebrate this fine holiday where everything is green (or gets dyed green), here are some of our favorite green backgrounds!


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Cover to Cover – Yearbook Cover Ideas With Custom Treatments


Matte Lamination Cover with Spot UV Treatment



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Idea Garden Blog Has Moved!

Happy 2014! We hope your New Years celebrations were awesome. Ours sure were. Of course we spent them paging through old and new yearbooks and doing trend research for more awesome ideas to share with you. But, we were ALSO busy moving! No doubt, this has been a great home for the past several years, but we’ve got a fancy new dig where you can find us now. Don’t worry, we’ll still have the same tips, insights and inspirational blogs you love. They’ll just be in a new and improved format and location. So be sure to check us out here now. Can’t wait to welcome you over!

About our new location
Many of our followers are using the popular yearbook creation software, Pictavo™ so we’ve transitioned our blog over to to make it quicker and easier to access. You will still be able to view all of our old blogs here at via the archives but all new posts will be created on We’ll continue putting a link on here, though, that goes to the new location when we post a new blog, in case you forget.:)

-       Your Idea Garden Blog Team

Laundry List of Yearbook Superlatives

As you’re brainstorming ideas for pages, we’ve gathered up a list of fun yearbook superlatives to help spark some ideas of what you could include in your school yearbook this year. Filter them as appropriate for your school. And as always, share your additional ideas with us and everyone else! Especially creative ways you can photograph the superlative winners!

Yearbook Superlatives 

  • Best Car/Wheels
  • Best Celebrity Look-Alike
  • Best Couple
  • Best Dancer
  • Best Dressed
  • Best Entertainer
  • Best Eyes
  • Best Friends
  • Best Hair
  • Best Laugh
  • Best Legs
  • Best Movie-Quoter
  • Best Nickname
  • Best Personality
  • Best Sense of Humor
  • Best Shoulder To Cry
  • Best Smile
  • Best Sneeze
  • Best Sportsmanship
  • Biggest Class Clown
  • Biggest Dreamer
  • Biggest DramaKing/Queen
  • Biggest Early Bird
  • Biggest Flirt
  • Biggest Gossip
  • Biggest Life Of The Party
  • Biggest Night Owl
  • Biggest Over-Achiever
  • Biggest Prankster
  • Biggest Teacher’s Pet
  • Biggest Techie
  • Loudest/Quietest
  • Most Affectionate
  • Most Artistic
  • Most Athletic
  • Most Attractive
  • Most Caring
  • Most Changed
  • Most Clumsy
  • Most Creative
  • Most Daring
  • Most Dependable
  • Most Economical
  • Most Extroverted
  • Most Forgetful
  • Most Friendly
  • Most Funny
  • Most Inspirational
  • Most Intelligent
  • Most Introverted
  • Most Involved
  • Most Liked By Parents
  • Most Likely To Be Caught Sleeping In Class
  • Most Likely To Be Caught Texting
  • Most Likely To Become An Actor
  • Most Likely To Become A Politician
  • Most Likely To Become A Pro Athlete
  • Most Likely To Become A Pro Musician
  • Most Likely To Become A Reality TV Star
  • Most Likely To Become A Teacher
  • Most Likely To Become Famous
  • Most Likely To Become President
  • Most Likely To Be ID’d When They’re 30
  • Most Likely To Be Late To Own Wedding
  • Most Likely To Break A World Record
  • Most Likely To Cheer You Up
  • Most Likely To Crash On Your Couch
  • Most Likely To Cure A Disease
  • Most Likely To Get Married First
  • Most Likely To Get Out Of Here
  • Most Likely To Have 10 Kids
  • Most Likely To Invent Something
  • Most Likely To Make Millions
  • Most Likely To Move Out Of The Country
  • Most Likely To Never Be Single
  • Most Likely To Never Look Old
  • Most Likely To Not Change At All
  • Most Likely To Put Foot In Mouth
  • Most Likely To Shock Everyone At Reunion
  • Most Likely To Star On Broadway
  • Most Likely To Stay in Hometown
  • Most Likely To Succeed
  • Most Likely To Win A Grammy
  • Most Likely To Win American Idol
  • Most Likely To Win A Nobel Prize
  • Most Likely To Win An Olympic Medal
  • Most Likely To Win The Lottery
  • Most Musical
  • Most Opinionated
  • Most Organized
  • Most Original
  • Most Outgoing
  • Most Outspoken
  • Most Photogenic
  • Most Retro
  • Most Spirit
  • Most Talented
  • Most Talkative
  • Most Tardies
  • Most Trustworthy
  • Most Unforgettable
  • Most Unique
  • Mr./Miss. Congeniality
  • Safest Driver/Worst Driver
  • Worst Case Of Senoritis